The LHC back, and it will be televised

The Large Hadron Collider will be back smashing atoms tomorrow morning, and it will be streamed live on the web.

The operations will start again after a long delay for repair work, attempting to answer some fundamental physics questions by recreating the conditions that occurred after the Big Bang.

It will do this by colliding protons or lead ions at a very high energy, and of course, not blow up the world.

Though the destruction of the universe shouldn’t be a factor, the history of the LHC so far has been littered with accidents, often completely stopping reactor operations. This is in part due to the LHC having no ‘test runs,’ and baguettes falling from great heights.

The LHC has also suffered from careless editing at newspapers like the New York Times and the Telegraph calling it the ‘Large Hardon Collider.’

The scientists caution can be seen with the fact that the start of operations tomorrow will only run at half-maximum power until the end of 2011, and then will be switched off for a year to carry out improvements.

For those interested in scientists doing scientific stuff in control rooms, the restart of the experiment will be web streamed tomorrow morning from the CERN website. 

Obviously you can’t really film the atom smashing, but there will be step-by-step explanations of what is actually doing on, as well as commentary from the leaders of the experiments.