Teijin invents stink-free polyester to fight bad BO

Japanese chemical and pharmaceutical outfit Teijin has been working on a kind of anti-bacterial polyester that promises to destroy bad odours.

According to Japanese daily Nikkei, the fabric will still be able to keep armpits from smelling pongy after fifty washes.

It’s aimed at the sporting crowd who tend to sweat a lot. Teijin believes that the polyester will be about 10 percent more expensive than the existing, normal polyester if bought as fabric – but clothes on the high street using the material should sell for about the same price.

The idea is by copying healthy human skin and maintaining slight acidity, it stops unseemly whiffs from clinging. Sweaty skin loses acidity which means bacteria has an easier time multiplying – with a constantly acidic polyester an item of clothing shouldn’t stink. When covered in sweat Teijin’s material, it claims, didn’t give off a funk even after being unwashed for a week.