Stonehenge was surrounded by… a shrubbery

Archaeologists have found evidence that the neolithic stone circle, Stonehenge, was surrounded by a shrubbery.

The move answers many questions about why the monument was built and why the mystical words Ni when vibrated at the site have a unique effect.

People digging up the site suggests that the monument was surrounded by two circular hedges, planted on low concentric banks.

It appears that there was a path between them giving a nice two tiered effect.

It also appears that the hedges would have kept rituals secret from the great unwashed who would not have been able to see what was going on.

The appropriately named Mike Pitts, an archaeologist and an expert on Stonehenge,  said that Stonehenge never fails to reveal more surprises.

It is not known when the shrubberies were planted or when they were removed from the site. Presumably the hedge was cut down with a herring.