Startup offers 3D printed objects with embedded NFC

A US startup is offering a rather interesting new service. Miami-based Flomio has come up with 3D printed objects with embedded NFC tags, starting at $8 per item.

The outfit allows clients to use standard ‘.stl’ 3D files, with an NFC tag of their choice embedded inside. The only requirement is rather obvious – the printables cannot be smaller than the NFC tag itself. Models up to 15x15x15cm can be produced at a cost of $0.50 per cubic centimeter, along with a $4 handling fee and the cost of an NFC tag.

“We have developed a process by which we embed the tag within the object,” Richard Grundy, co-founder and CEO of Flomio, told NFC World. “This is different from simply attaching a sticker tag to the bottom that anyone can remove.”

Grundy said the company already made NFC 3D printables for Plow Games, a gaming company that creates marketing campaigns for brands like Audi, Klondike and Hammermill.

Plow Games is already working with several clients and showing off the new technology. Plow Games executive Greg Phillips said the company is very excited about using NFC technology, as it could find a wide range of applications.

“This will allow us to create a secure and truly integrated experience for rewards programs, product branding, and interactive experiences,” he said.

NFC has been slow to take off, as the technology was not embraced by a number of big players in the mobile industry. Flomio saw this as an opportunity and it recently raised $96,000 via Kickstarter to produce an NFC add-on for the iPhone.