“Spiritual not religious” people just looking to get laid

Putting “spiritual not religious” in your social not-working site profile is a cunning plan to get sex, according to a new online survey.

The survey, conducted by Constantine Sedikides, a social psychologist at Southampton University, in Britain, claims that people subconsciously paint flattering pictures of themselves by revealing they have inner spiritual beliefs.

In the shrink mag Personality and Social Psychology Review, which we get for the Spot the Ego competition, he found a strong link between spiritual convictions and social attractiveness.

After testing 15,000 subjects she found that even those who attend conservative religious institutions are now so prone to say they’re “spiritual, but not religious.”

The trend is more noticeable in the United States and Canada, where apparently it is more important that people believe in God.  But if they get specific by saying “I am a Christian” or “Jeff died for your Sins” then desirability rapidly goes down.

Sedikides is unsure why this is the case.  He speculates that people believe the self-worth of a person rises if they believe themselves, or others, are valued in the eyes of a divine reality.

Others think that people assume, rightly or wrongly, “spiritual” people may be more trustworthy, believe in something beyond their own self-interest or are less likely to run off and shag someone else.

By calling yourself spiritual rather than religious you are saying that you are not just mindlessly following the dictates of a religious system.
However, personality profiles are more of a marketing tool for those on the dating scene.  It implies you have a bit of depth, think about the meaning of life, take time to wonder about the beauty of a flower or the smile on a baby’s face.  So… wot r u wearing?