SourceThatJob stands up against exploiting hacks

Daryl Wilcox, top dog at Daryl Wilcox Publishing  – has announced his popular media job search tool will be taking a stand with the National Union of Journalists against the exploitation of young media workers.

All too often, says Daryl, ‘internships’ are placed on prominent job sites for young professionals with an eye to get into the media. They’re mostly longer than three months, with only a vague idea of getting a job after the hard slog

Gorkana’s most recent regular journalist job alert features 15 unpaid internships, with the Daily Telegraph advertising a 12 week placement on its fashion desk. A generous £5 a day for travel expenses will be provided to see applicants through the intensive, 10am-6pm full days.

The NUJ warns against placements like these, saying the practice “exploits people starting out in the industry and in many cases it’s actually unlawful.” The NUJ work experience guidelines say unpaid work placements should “normally be for no more than four weeks.”

There is a guide for recent graduates and those green to media on the NUJ website here. You can check out Daryl’s blog here.

* EyeSee The editor of this publication sometimes worked alongside Daryl when they  were both freelancers. My dad tells me Ambrose McNevin’s nickname for him was Dayrate Wilcox.