Somerset man invents perpetual motion machine

This is Somerset is very proud of its local talent, and not without reason. A local inventor is standing up to the might of the scientific establishment, the oil companies and the Secret Reptile Masters to release his perpetual motion machine to the world.

The Alpha Omega Galaxy Freefall Generator is built mainly from old bicycle parts and a windscreen-washer motor, and is essentially a fly-wheel that appears to rattle around by itself – there’s a video here.

Its inventor – who very wisely wishes to remain anonymous – told This is Somerset that the motor provides a small amount of power, but that far more is generated by the machine, thanks to its powerful magnets.

But the man is by no means the first to attempt to patent a perpetual motion machine which aims to harness magnetic force – and all before him have failed.

He’ll almost certainly have scorn poured upon him, courtesy of the secret interplanetary cartel which controls all humanity and works, amongst other things, to deny people cheap, clean power.

One obvious example of their activity in this area is the fact that it’s actually against the rules to even attempt to register a patent for a perpetual motion machine in either the UK or the US without an independently verified working model (and guess who does the verification?).

The spurious justification for this rule is that such machines violate either the first or second laws of thermodynamics – although it’s never been made clear just when these laws were incorporated into the criminal code.

Of course, where the man went wrong was in trying to publicise the thing. If he’d just followed our example and kept his working model to himself, he’d quite likely have slipped under the Reptile Masters’ radar altogether.