Smart nappy goes wi-fi

A couple have come up with a nappy which literally takes the wee and tells you if the little nipper is sick.

According to ABC the idea came when Jennie Rubinshteyn and Yaroslav Faybishenko’s one year-old daughter started screaming in the back seat of their car for no reason.

Rubinshteyn said she could not stop thinking about what was in the baby’s nappy.  

Faybishenko realised that the “data is her diaper” – as urine is full of so much health information.

They decided to come up with a new family business in making what they call “Smart Diapers” which collects information about a child’s urine.

A dry-reagent panel sits on the front of the diaper and works like a QR code. A parent needs to scan the panel with their smartphone and see the information about the urine.

Rubinshteyn and Faybishenko explain that lots of parents want to do this once a day, and the information about their child’s urine would be stored in the app.

This will help them spot urinary tract infections, dehydration or developing kidney problems. If something bad is found then the app will send a message.

The couple is working with the US Food and Drug Administration on approval and testing them at pediatric hospitals.

The goal is to bring them to hospitals and then to the broader market.

They think that the cost will be about 30 to 40 percent more expensive than regular nappies. But we guess you would only need to put one pair on a day.

One paediatrician already thinks it is a bad idea – as most parents are paranoid basket cases who might find the wonderful world of their baby’s pee just a little too worrying.