Skynet gets closer

Boffins are getting closer to building intelligent machines that not only think for themselves, actively learn and are not handicapped by the need for food, drink or fall for marketing.

According to a report penned by researchers of the Institute for Theoretical Science (IGI) at Graz University of Technology the European Union research project “Brain-i-Nets” is thinks it has an approach to designing a new generation of neuro-computers.

As the name suggests, “Brain-i-Nets” will be based on the principles of calculation and learning mechanisms found in the brain.

The boffins know that brain synapses are changing all the time and don’t carry out set programmes.

Unlike computers, the brain is always adapting functions and reprogramming them anew, which is something that does a scientist’s head in.

IGI head Wolfgang Maass together with project co-ordinator Robert Legenstein want to research the mechanisms of synaptic plasticity in the organism.

Once they have got their head around it they are certain that they can create adaptive computers together.

Apparently there is now the technology available to help them do all this which was not around before.

Of course, it is when it starts looking for Sara Conner you know you have a problem.