Search for aliens suspended due to lack of SETI funding

The search for intelligent alien life has been suspended by the SETI Institute due to a lack of funding, it has been revealed. 

Details of a lack of cash emerged on a blog by a SETI investigator. It means that all the necessary equipment used for humans to cock an ear towards outer space will now be left to gather dust for the next couple of years while a new round of funding is awaited.

This will mean that should any E.T.s try to phone our home during this time, their calls will be diverted to the famous Allen Telescope Array voicemail.

The field of 42 telescopes used in the project, which has so far been largely funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen to the tune of $25 million dollars, appears to have fallen on hard times with a shortfall of around $5 million due to a lack of government support.

Of course whether or not we need to spend so many hours listening out in to the void is subject of much debate on our own planet. The search for intelligent life on planet Earth continues, day in, day out.

Franck Marchis at SETI said from his bog, “starting this week, the equipment is unavailable for normal observations and is being maintained in a safe state by a significantly reduced staff”, which is a blow considering the ever increasing numbers of potentially life holding planets that are being found by scientists.

Despite the setback, the unveiling of a 24 hour help service to deal with UFO sightings at least offers a back-up plan should extraterrestrial life attempt to contact us in the interim.