Scientists want to dig up Leonardo Da Vinci

Poor old Leonardo da Vinci won’t be allowed to rest in peace if a bunch of Italian scientists get their way.

And the reason? They’re trying to track down why the genius was so enamoured of his painting of the Mona Lisa and solve the mystery of who she was, or wasn’t.

The scientists want to start digging up the grave at the place he’s supposed to be buried, Amboise Castle in France.

If the skull is still in good order, they’ll re-create the face of Leonardo, first by using software and then physically modelling his phizzog.

Some theorise that the Mona Lisa was actually a self portrait of the artist and that’s the sole reason that the Italian scientists want to bust open the grave.

However, exhuming bodies in France involves a long legal procedure and it’s entirely possible that the request will be turned down.

We hope so. We like mysteries here at TechEye.