Scientists uncover ginger dinosaur

Scientists researching the colour of dinosaurs have found one which had the misfortune of being ginger.

Sinosauropteryx must have had enough on its plate considering it was turkey size and carnivorous, but being ginger would have been a real burden.

It is the first dinosaur whose colour is scientifically established.

In 1996, Sinosauropteryx was also the first dinosaur reported to have feathers. It was found in the Yixian formation, 130- to 123-million-year-old sediments in Liaoning Province in northeast China, which have since produced thousands of apparently feathery fossils.

According to the journal Nature, an international team of paleontologists and experts in scanning electron micrography have worked out that the dinosaur had reddish orange feathers running along its back and a striped tail.

Apparently the striped tail would have probably been used to woo other ginger dinosaurs.