Scientists revolt against political interference

A scientific programme, which would prove that humans had nothing to do with global warming, has hit a snag.

Nebraska State Senator Beau McCoy who wants his big business chums to make their profits while not doing something about the planet, dreamt up the theory that Global Warming was nothing to do with humans.

He formed the Nebraska Climate Assessment and Response Committee to stand up their theory that global warming was “cyclical” and told them to gather a group of boffins who would confirm it.

McCoy had not accounted for the fact that scientists would disagree with his basic premise and refuse to say that black was white, or the earth was flat.

According to the Omaha World-Herald Bureau, Barbara Mayes, a meteorologist pointed out that “cyclical” isn’t even a scientific term – it was just made up by McCoy because he was a climate change denier.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln scientists said they wouldn’t participate in the climate study if it excludes the influence of humans.

Nebraska state climatologist Al Dutcher told the committee said he did not want his name on the study or to be used as a political pawn.