Scientists make cheap ePaper

Scientists at the University of Cincinnati have worked out a way of making cheap disposable e-readers on ordinary paper.

According to Digital Trends, the technology which involves putting an electric current through paper which would allow you to do the same things as a normal e-reader but on actual paper.

The method has been developed by Andrew Steckl, an engineering researcher at the university,along with UC doctoral student Duk Young Kim.

Steckl has shown how paper can be used as a flexible material for an electrowetting device. Electrowetting shoves an electric current to millions of tiny droplets within a display to form images. Until now,  everyone thought you needed glass for electrowetting.

Steckl said that he hoped to have something that would actually look like paper but behave like a computer monitor in terms of its ability to store information.

It would be cheap, full-colour and should be chucked out. A bit like the Daily Mail.

Electrowetting is 10 times faster than E Ink and could produce refresh rates high enough to reasonably play moving video.

It may be three to five years before electrowetting e-paper makes its first commercial appearance.