Scientists find creature that lives without oxygen

Boffins have found the first earth creatures that don’t need oxygen to have a decent life.

Most creatures that walk, swim or fly need oxygen. Roberto Danovaro from Marche Polytechnic University in Ancona, Italy, has found three new species from the Loricifera group that don’t need any of the stuff.

The beasties live deep on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea and are unique in that they have not yet been made into animated computer movie by Pixar studios.

Danovaro told BBC World Service they were about a millimetre in size and looked like jellyfish in a protective shell. He named Spinoloricus Cinzia, after the professor’s wife, rather than the famous crustacean IT hack of the same name.

Until now it had been thought that only bacteria, and politicians  could exist without oxygen. Politicians can only do it because they are blood sucking undead and bacteria are too small to be bothered with that sort of thing.

Although it was not possible to extract the animals alive in order to show that they could live without oxygen, the team was able to incubate the eggs in anoxic conditions aboard on the ship.

Basically they are fish which live in conditions that are full of salt too.

The beasties could help answer questions about the possibility of life existing on other planets with different atmospheres, he said. Just as soon as they work out a way of talking to them we guess.