Scientists change the laws of physics

A team of boffins has come up with something that rewrites part of the laws of physics.

The team has discovered a new physical phase related to superconductivity.

According to the scientific journal Physical Review Letters , which we get for the “Schroedinger’s cat lost and found” ads, Georgios Koutroulakis and Vesna Mitrovic have been tinkering with quantum mechanics.

They were especially interested in the relationship between superconductivity and magnetism. Apparently it is all very strange relationship where magnetism was supposed to want to kill superconductivity on sight, something to do with a particle which said something nasty about a relative on Christmas day.

However, Koutroulakis and Mitrovic found that not only were magnetism and superconductivity talking they could be even be seen to be working together.

It is the sort of relationship that the boffins describe as “unconventional” superconductivity, and they think it is going to create a new perspective in the field of quantum mechanics. We guess it will do well provided that it is observed.

The discovery was partly a stroke of luck for the researchers and they did not expect to make this kind of discovery.

Mitrovic said that it was only this summer that some theory suggested this would exist.