Scientists can hack your hand

Sony scientists have worked out a way to hack your hand and can make it do what ever they tell you.

They think that they can use the technology to teach people to play a musical instrument, but other applications could be more sinister. After all if you can control someone else’s hands you could use it to perform the perfect murder, with someone’s else’s prints on the murder weapon. If the same technology was applied to legs you could also drive the unwilling murderer to the crime using a web cam.

Rather than having to use their own martyrs, suicide bombers could just rope in a bloke off the street.

Of course, PossessedHand, technology, which is being developed by the University of Tokyo and Sony does have a few limitations.

According to New Scientistit electrically stimulates the muscles in the forearm to move your fingers. The victim wears a belt around the arm which contains 28 electrode pads.

People could sense the movement of their hands even with their eyes closed. This was because the person’s fingers were controlled without his or her brain being engaged.

In the past, boffins have played around with gear that stimulate people’s fingers. But that required electrodes being embedded in the skin.

Other gear involved using a glove that makes it hard to move objects, however this method is more comfortable to use.

Apparently the scientists hijacked a hand and the researchers tried to teach it how to play a traditional Japanese stringed instrument called a Koto.

While PosessedHand does not generate enough energy to pluck the koto strings, it could help by teaching the correct finger movements.

Two beginner players made a total of four timing errors when using PossessedHand, compared with 13 when playing unassisted.

PossessedHand could be used to rehabilitate stroke victims and help them gain control of their muscles again.