Robots take the Nintendo

Researchers at the University of the West of England and Bristol University have designed robots which literally take the piss.

The big idea was to build a system that will enable robots to function without batteries or being plugged into an electrical outlet.

According to Computerworld the robots pump urine into the robot’s “engine room,” converting the waste into electricity and enabling the robot to function completely on its own.

Each robot can hold 24.5 ml of urine, could be used to power future generations of robots, or what they’re calling EcoBots. We call them “American Beer” because they are tins of Nintendo.

The robots will recharge themselves by visiting the local loos or popping into the local pub bogs. Peter Walters, a researcher with the University of the West of England. “In rural environments, liquid waste effluent could be collected from farms”.

The researchers have been building the robots for the last decade and used microorganisms to digest the waste material and generate electricity from it, the university said.

Along with using human and animal urine, the robotic system also can create power by using rotten fruit and vegetables, dead flies, wastewater and sludge.

This is nothing new really. TechEye’s editorial staff have been powered on Talisker for the last 15 years and are constantly taking the Nintendo..