Robots celebrate Passover

Science and religion don’t mix, right? Wrong. Or at least Israel’s College of Management and Academic Studies Robotic Research Institute doesn’t think so.

Students at the college have been working on robots which can carry out a Jewish Passover ceremony from start to finish, even mechanically breaking off bits of Matza for fellow robot guests at the table.

Seder, the Jewish ritual feast that marks the beginning of Passover, requires that each attendee drink no less than four cups of wine, which is not a problem, as the robots appear to be able to pour flawlessly, and with the added benefit of retaining sobriety throughout.

Bitter herbs? The robot seems to have no trouble dolloping it onto various plates. Eat your heart out Pharoah.

Now, you see, if only the robots had been able to build the pyramids instead of Jewish slaves, or better yet, use SatNav capabilities to guide the Jews through the desert to the Holy Land afterwards, then none of us would have to suffer our way through a whole week of unleavened bread.