Retired man sets up 24 hour UFO hotline

For the first time ever, the FBI has declassified files and details of encounters with UFOs from over 50 years ago.

Found in the Vault, the archive backs up theories that extra-terrestrials landed in the US town of Roswell – before they were sent to the infamous Area 51 US airbase.

The documents are made up of memos, witness statements and findings of the events, which were sent to the bureau’s director Edgar Hoover. Flying Discs are mentioned. There’s one account from a special agent where he says three circular-shaped spaceships crashed containing the bodies of extra-terrestrials which were only three feet tall, lending credence to theories that the CIA enslaved an off-course alien passenger ship and forced them to ride at the Grand National for eternity.

Other witness statements come from a policeman, a highway patrolman and an army guard, who all claim that they witnessed a UFO on the night of April 4th 1949. The very date a disastrous election week for the Labour party kick-started in the United Kingdom!?!?!?

All reported seeing a “silver coloured object high up approaching the mountains at Sardine Canyon”, which then “appeared to explode in a rash of fire”.

Other reports from residents, who claim that they saw what appeared to be “two aerial explosions, followed by falling object,” back this up.

It’s a good thing to know, then, that a retired computer consultant and Brooklyn resident has set up a 24 hour UFO hotline. 

Joe Capp, 68, is running the hotline, which according to the New York Post has already taken calls of nearly two dozen sightings from around the city. offering people a way to report bizarre goings-on scoff-free. Until Capp uploads the lot onto Youtube

He says that of the calls he’s taken the most memorable has so far been from a woman who spotted three lights moving in unison in the sky over Park Slope, sounding not unlike this convincing amateur footage shot in Peckham.