Researchers develop fast charging battery

An Israeli start-up has created a battery which can recharge from 20 percent to 100 percent in 30 seconds.

StoreDot has built a prototype that, after its fast recharge, acts the same way as a regular battery.

The technique involved using organic “nanodots,” or two nanometer wide bio-organic peptide molecules that change the rules of mobile device capabilities.

While the nanodots allow for blazing-fast recharging, they ensure that the StoreDot battery discharges at the same rate as today’s lithium-ion batteries.

Sadly the technology is not ready for the market place yet. It is far too big to get under the bonnet of any smartphone.

Apparently these hurdles that could potentially be overcome, and StoreDot is hoping to have something commercially viable by 2016.

It has already collected $6 million in investment from an Asian company if it pulls off the miniaturisation of the battery.

If it pulls it off the technology has a lot of advantanges. Not only do they charge faster, manufacturing Nanodots is cost-effective, using a natural process and readily available organic materials, the company says