Researchers come up with chemical chip

A student in Organic Electronics at Sweden’s Linköping University has emerged from his smoke filled lab with the basis for an entirely new circuit technology based on the transmission of ions and molecules.

The silicon chips which we know and love rely on the flow of electrons through circuits.

However, Klas Tybrandt has come up with an “integrated chemical chip” which uses ion transistors capable of transporting both positive and negative ions, as well as biomolecules into complementary circuits, similar to the way traditional silicon-based electronics are formed.

The integrated chemical chip contains logic gates, such as NAND gates, that form the basis of digital electronics by allowing for the construction of all logical functions.

The chemical circuits use chemical substance which means that they can control and regulate the signal paths of cells in the human body.

Magnus Berggren, Professor of Organic Electronics and leader of the research group, said that the chip could be used to signal muscle synapses where the signalling system may not work for some reason.

The integrated chemical chip is detailed in a paper published in the journal Nature Communications, which we get for the spot the brain cell competition.