Party going boffins discover new superconductor

A team of slightly sozzled scientists have discovered a new superconductor while experimenting with drinks during a bender.

For ages boffins have been working out a way to justify drunken benders, however since developments from such events have usually involved falling down, or hitting a policeman, they are frowned upon by the scientific establishment.

Now it seems that after a particularly rough hangover, a boffin in Japan remembered a really cool idea he had while looking at a drinks tray at a particularly good party.

Yoshihiko Takano, leader of the Nano Frontier Materials Group at the National Institute for Materials Science started to wonder what would happen if he accidentally dropped an iron compound in alcohol. We assume the party had just run out of ice and little paper umbrellas.

On his way to work, he nipped around to the off-licence and collected a range of different types of booze ranging from paint stripping Saki to a modest red.

According to the Mainichi Daily News, he lined them up in the lab and added iron telluride compound, which has a similar structure to a superconductor. Unfortunately,  nothing happened. They were just wondering whether or not they should finish off the rest of the bottle when they decided to leave it for a week and see what happened.

Seven days later, they were thinking of sweeping up from the failed experiment and were surprised to discover that that the iron was suddenly a cheap superconductor. It did have a tendency to say “ohgodohgodohgodohgod” and want a bacon sandwich, but it was about as super as a superconductor could get.

Now getting more serious about their experiment, Takano and his mates gave up on the idea of drinking their experiment and tested six different types of booze all heated up to 70 C. Saki of course is supposed to be heated up, but warming up a bottle of red is heresy.

However,  it turned out that the heretical red wine was the most effective in making the compound superconductive. Is there nothing red wine cannot do?