Oxford Nanopore gets £17.4 million in funding

An Oxford company has raised £17.4 million in new funding to develop the company’s proprietary platform technology.

This uses real time electronic measurement of current through tiny holes called nanopores to identify molecules as they interact with the nanopore.

Image from Oxford Nanopore siteThe platform uses a sensor array chip developed by the company that contains many chips arranged in parallel and forming a proprietary planar bilayer chip combined with a reader system. The chip includes a number of microwells arrayed on a silicon chip with each well having its own electronic channel.

The funding is also to finance Oxford Nanopore’s lead project in DNA sequencing and to begin work in protein analysis. The platform is also used for polymer analysis.

This round of funding came from Lansdowne Partners, the UP Group, Invesco Perpetual, some unnamed American institutions and Illumina UK Limited.

Formed in 2005, the company has already raised £32 million in funding for its projects.