Online snake oil peddlers hit CES

It appears that CES is not immune from digital snake oil peddlers, according to Science blogger Orac.

He was wandering around CES and spotted a booth being run by something called QuantumMAN™, which bills itself as the world’s first downloadable MEDICINE. The word MEDICINE was capped so that users did not confuse it with medicine, which comes from one of those big, nasty pharmaceutical companies.

Apparently all you need to do is buy a Portal Access Key™ (PAK™) and data then transfers from a remote quantum computer to your brain’s neural network for the benefits desired.

QuantumMAN is being peddled by the Zürich Alpine Group which claims to be a private humanitarian medical research group of scientists and physicians working cooperatively. You might not have heard of them because they work very quietly around the world in the quest to improve the quality, efficacy and costs of medical care.

ZAG claims to have found a way to transfer bioinformation from its quantum computer via quantum teleportation to the brain, also a quantum computer, to reprogram the brain to effect positive medical changes within the body and mind.

It has to stay quiet because Big Pharma will crush its technology, appropriating it for its own, and then charge exorbitant sums for it.

At the booth,  ZAG claims to have conducted clinical trials around the world testing its new developments for efficacy and safety. Curiously none of the results of these studies have been published nor seen by other scientists. This is because ZAG thinks that Big Pharma and politics influence the peer review system.

However, after years of testing, it has decided to arrange the creation of a web presence as the venue for the presentation of its numerous products developed from its technology.

QuantumMAN™ can cure malaria, influenza, and the common cold. You can even immunise your kids from becoming addicted to meth by downloading some ZAG programming.

One app called Zaxis™ promises 24 hour pain control and if you are overweight you can even undergo a form of “quantum gastric bypass surgery” by reprogramming your brain.

The idea is so full of holes that it is hard to begin. Not only does it use quantum computing technology which has not been invented yet, but loses so many points on logic it is not funny.

The product in all its purple, black and green glory can be found here.

Orac thinks the idea is so whacko it must be a hoax, but there was too much salesmanship going on, and there was an actual checkout for the store selling the “downloads”.

The blogger was surprised that CES 2013 organisers will rent a booth to anyone.