Oldest settlement known to man identified

Archaeologists claim to have found the oldest continually habited village in the history of humanity.

Czech diggers have found remains of an about 150,000-year-old prehistoric settlement in Arbil, north Iraq.

The archaeologists revealed a high number of items, mainly prehistoric stone tools, about nine metres under the ground in Arbil, capital of the Kurdish autonomous region.

Arbil used to be one of the royal residential centres of ancient Assyria, but the beginning of this town dates back to the 3rd century BC. Unlike many ancient towns and cities, humans have never left Arbil which is still a thriving town.

Archaeologists are starting to return to Iraq for the first time after the Gulf War. Arbil has not attracted much attention from diggers. The last lot to visit the town were a team of American’s 50 years ago.

They found more recent material. For what it is worth, some of the oldest human settlements in Europe date to 5,000 years ago and the Arbil settlement was founded in the middle of an Ice Age.