Nano-coated glass to eliminate glare from your smartphone

Scientists have developed a new method for creating glass that could bring about glare-free smartphone screens, cameras lenses that don’t fog up, and even more efficient solar panels.

According to scientists from MIT, an inexpensive manufacturing process has been developed which can be added to glass allowing it to self-clean, resist fog  and repel water droplets – good news for any smartphone users in the UK.

This is down to a pattern etched and coated onto the surface of glass using processes developed in the semiconductor industry.  

An array of nanoscale ‘cones’ are created which give the surface of the glass unusual, but highly useful, properties, such as repelling water droplets which bounce off the surface of the glass. You can see the water droplets in action in the video below.



By passing glass through a pair of textured rollers while it is still partially molten during production, the team reckons they have developed – and patented – a method which adds minimal extra costs.

As well as stopping your reading glasses from fogging up this could benefit the solar industry. More light would be allowed to penetrate the surface of the panel rather than being repelled, and the self cleaning material stops dirt accumulating and blocking the light over time.

Even cars could benefits by the lack of fogging inside during cold weather, and stopping dirt clinging to the exterior, not to mention reducing glare.