Mysterious white powder found near Discovery space shuttle

Scientists at NASA were recently working on discovering the identity of a mysterious white powder found at the Kennedy Space Centre.

But this time it was no interstellar space dust that was lurking in the centre, with law enforcement authorities confirming that it was actually a 4.2 gramme bag of cocaine.

While it would be easy to make jokes about astronauts already ‘getting even higher’ or not needing any more ‘rocket fuel’ to get to the stars, blessings should be counted that the drugs were found before an astronaut was trapped in a sealed compartment, floating around outer space with no escape from a jabbering cokehead.

Although with space travel soon to be open to the public, ie very rich people and celebrities, the trend could well continue with long queues outside the toilets of the Virgin space shuttles once they reach orbit.

According to NASA spokeswoman Renee Juhans, “Law enforcement personnel field tested the substance, which indicated a positive test for the class A substance.”

“The substance is now at an accredited crime lab for further testing,” she said of the substance that was found at a secure part of the hanger which houses the Discovery space shuttle.

Apparently a NASA OIG investigation is “ongoing”, with 200 employees thought to be tested for the substance, though no arrests were made.