Mobile phone driving bans do not work

A report into the effectiveness of mobile phone bans has decided that they don’t work.

This is because drivers who are dumb enough to use their mobiles when they drive are  bad drivers and would probably crash anyway.

Coppers had been a little concerned as to why mobile phone bans were not denting the number of accidents.

According to Science Mag, the US study was conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge and was based on a questionnaire with data collected from on-board sensors during a 40-minute test drive up the motorway.

While no mobile phones were allowed during the trips, the study participants filled in answers about how often they used a mobile phone while driving, how they felt about speeding and passing other cars, and how many times in the last year they had been warned or cited for speeding, running traffic lights and stop signs, and other infractions.

Those who used their mobile phones when they drove were more likely to go faster, changed lanes, more often, spent more time in the fast lane, hard brake or rapidily accelerated. In short they were tossers.

While mobile phones do impair the ability to drive, the real problem is in the heads of those who think it is OK to pick them up in the first place.

Mobile phone bans have reduced phone use by drivers, but they have not reduced crashes, mostly because the same drivers would have an accident doing something else dumb.