Mobile Network planning lets down Kiwis

NZ Telcom is a little stressed about a bit of network planning it did on one of its mobile networks.

The outfit had a cunning plan to shift the whole of the mobile network from Christchurch in the South Island.

However, it all went tits up, with the XT mobile network closing for days. By centralising all the traffic control in Christchurch it appears the new centre could not cope and, using a kiwi networking term, the whole lot “packed a sad”.

In fact the system only crashed because everyone re-booted their phone after the system crashed the day before. Ironically the shift to Christchurch was supposed to give the system more resilience. They clearly did not take into account Christchurch’s evil North-West wind which has been known to drive people mad.

Angry customers have been bugging NZ Telecom wanting to know why they can’t get a service. And it seems that tempers down under are getting a bit frayed.

NZ Telecom have had to investigate a case where one of its employees dealt with an angry client by texting them to tell them to “go forth and multiply” – must be the evil Norwester.