MIT builds bodysuit which makes you 75

Boffins at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab have created a suit that helps 20 year old engineers feel like they are 75.

The big idea is to make sure that young engineers can build things that old people can actually use. According to NPR, the suit is made out of harnesses and rubber bands which are designed to limit hip movement.

The fact that you have to concentrate on balance makes you tired quickly.

Foam-padded sandals that are part of the Age Gain Now bodysuit means you cant run, and arm restrictions are limited.You get yellow goggles to limit depth perception too.

Researches using the suits found that a lot of the food needed by older people, such as low-sugar, low-sodium items were either at the top of the shelf or the bottom of the shelf.

However the suits also showed that driving, getting on a bus or even opening some boxes were a bit of a nightmare.

The suits did not suddenly cause you to moan about the kids of today, shout at people to get off your lawn, vote Tory,  or lead to an unusual steam train obsession.