Microsoft saves mobile power

Researchers at Microsoft have emerged from their smoke filled labs with a way of saving battery power.

At the moment phones which having GPS switched on all the time lose power too fast.

However according to  a team led by principal Volish researcher Jie Liu at Microsoft Research has found a way around the problem

Liu has been using an idea for location services that involves offloading some of the data and calculations onto cloud services to consume far less power.

Its GPS system collects only a few milliseconds of information from satellites but this is combined with information from public, online databases to calculate the device’s past locations.

The team built an experimental platform using WWVB which is the station used by radio-controlled clocks in North America to synchronise themselves and a GPS front end.

Sensing a GPS location takes more than three orders of magnitude less energy than GPS on mobile phones.

It is not clear when, if ever, Microsoft will start using the technology. It would require effort from the telcos to install new equipment.