Men feel less guilt than women

Researchers working on the premise that men and women are different have come to the conclusion that men feel less guilty than women.

While the days of everyone feeling guilty for almost everything has past, a new study has shown that in the West this emotion is “significantly higher” among women.

However it is not because women feel guilty all the time it is just that men don’t.

Itziar Etxebarria, lead author of the study and a researcher at the University of the Basque Country initially thought that feelings of guilt are more intense among females, not only among adolescents but also among young and adult women, who were sensitive as eggs.

The research, published in the Spanish Journal of Psychology, which we get for the spot the ego competition, tested teenagers, young people and 108 equally divided between males and females. The team of psychologists asked them what situations made them feel guilty. They also carried out interpersonal sensitivity tests.

It turned out that the score was significantly higher for women, in all three age groups and this was more obvious and people got older.

Female teenagers and young women have higher scores than males of the same age.

Etxebarria said that guilt was caused by certain educational practices, which demand more of females, and which are sometimes still in use. What these “certain educational practices” are remains completely unclear.

Men, especially those aged between 25-33, were “comparatively low.” Etxebarria say a lack of sensitivity could lead to absence or excessive weakness of certain kinds of guilt, such as empathetic guilt, which could be beneficial for relationships and for the individual.