Massachusetts dog park demonstrates pooch poo power

Those of you with high sensibilities please click off somewhere else. We are here to talk about the energy-saving properties of doggie-do.

In a dog park in Massachusetts the pooing pooches offer a leg up to the local energy supplier. Dog owners scoop up the poop in their degrading – we use that word advisedly – plastic bags and pop it in a hopper.

There in an oxygen-free atmosphere, micro-organisms make a meal of it all and pump out methane. To help the process, the dog owner has to turn a crank – probably the one who thought up this idea – to help the digestion process.

In turn, the methane is channelled to a street lamp where it burns brightly to make the long, dark Massachusetts’ nights a little warmer and friendlier.

Personally, we’d be tempted to shout, “Eat crap you bugs!” as we slung the bag in and as for stirring it afterwards – who better than a journalist .

The glowing genius behind the light for shite scheme is artist Matthew Mazzotta who calls his park installation Park Spark – a simple name that even the dogs could have a go at pronouncing. “No, Rex. Not Park Bark. It’s Spark.”

Mazzotta calls his lamp the “Eternal Flame” and he and his colleagues are currently holding discussions about how best to use the methane generated. If you have any suggestions, well, probably best to keep them to yourself.

No doubt someone will find ways to turn it into a money-making venture. Where there’s muck, there’s brass, lad. Unless, of course, the dogs claim squatters rights.

If you want to emulate Mazzotta he has a website here.