Manchester airport "hires" holograms to beat security queues

There’s cutting staff and then there’s just plane ridiculous. Manchester Airport seems to be flying the flag for the latter.

In a bid to speed up airport security queues it has decided to spend dosh on holograms of real-life customer service staff.

Those hoping for a Princess Leia to direct them to the sweet spot will be disappointed to find out that the holograms are actually based on Manchester airport employees John Walsh and Julie Caper.

The pair were created using the same technology that brings animated pop group Gorillaz to life. But instead of Albarn’s quirky pop you will be told to bin your hairspray. Walsh and Caper will greet passengers at the entrance to the security search area, where they will  explain the restrictions on carrying liquids onto aircraft. This is because many people ignore the information boards that already set out the security restrictions.

We think people will just walk right through them.

Walsh and Casper, er Caper will be on duty from Monday while over in the States the TSA is cooking up a real-life android to force strip old ladies it doesn’t suspect are smuggling anything at all.