LHC scientists may have found 'god particle'

Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider are expected to announce something relating to the ‘god particle’, the Higgs boson, at a conference today.

It probably won’t have much to do with working out the whereabouts of the elusive beardy man in the sky.  A discovery will, however, mean that the Standard Model of the universe is finally complete, though it will not be possible to say for sure that the Higgs boson has been located until all the data has been sifted through.  Any confirmation isn’t likely until around March 2012.

By this time, Earth will have been engulfed by a black hole if the more alarmist theories are to be believed, so we do hope the scientists crack on with the paperwork.  We have it on good authority that, at this point in time, such events have not transpired.

Scientists have been merrily smashing together particles at the CERN facility for some time now, and they reckon that they are on the brink of discovering the Higgs boson sub-atomic particle.

If there are preliminary discoveries about the Higgs boson, then it will confirm the existence of a fundamental particle in the construction of the universe that imparts mass to particles that make up atoms.

According to those involved in the project even if they can’t find the particle, this would be a great discovery – as it would throw the Standard Model theory into disarray.  

The press conference for what could be one of the most important scientific findings of the last 100 years can be viewed here at 16:30 CET today.