Laser guns could shoot down deadly mosquito plague

Mosquitoes of the world beware, Silicon Valley is aiming their sights at you with deadly laser gun technology made out of parts bought from eBay.


At the annual TED conference, former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold revealed how his company Intellectual Ventures assembled commonly found consumer tech to shoot down flying bugs.


Using parts found in printers and digital cameras, mosquitoes were released into a glass tank where a laser shot them down, leaving a trail of insect dead in its wake. A laser could be capable of shooting 50 to 60 mosquitoes per second.


In a slow-motion video, it shows how the scary little bastards are shot down with a sudden beam of light, disintegrating parts of its body, like a DIY version of Starship Troopers.


In case you were worried about the laser guns potentially hitting people and insects we like with a beam of energy blowing them up,  software used can detect the size of speed of what it shoots.


Myhrvold saw potential in the use of Blu-Ray lasers, as blue ones were supposed to be more powerful than red ones, which Darth Vader would undoubtedly disagree with.


Sensibly though, the lasers will only shoot down the females. Not because they deserve it more, but as they were the only bugs that bit humans.  Myhvold said to the New York Times: “The women are bigger. They beat at lower frequencies.”


It might take a while to see this tech, as this was mostly proof of concept. However the applications are endless – you could see the US army gunning down some pesky Islamic terrorists with a few shots of a laser gun – Terminator style.


Not that we’re comparing Islamic terrorists with mosquitoes.