Lancet retracts Autism MMR article

Top medical rag the Lancet has retracted a discredited study that linked the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine to autism.

When the article came out, parents across Europe and America refused to vaccinate their precious snowflakes.

But the article was written by Andrew Wakefield in 1998. Wakefield has been disciplined by Britain’s General Medical Council because several elements of the study were false.

Last week the council ruled that Wakefield had shown a “callous disregard” for the children used in his study and acted unethically.

Illnesses that had largely disappeared in the West made a sudden comeback.

However doctors admit that the damage has been done and parents are still refusing to immunise their kids because they still believe it.

Subsequent studies found no proof the vaccine is connected to autism. And 10 of the 13 authors involved in the original article backtracked.

Wakefield and the two authors who did not renounce the study face being struck off in Britain.