Israeli boffins find Star of David in nanospace

Israeli boffins looking into a microscope at nano space were surprised to find a nanoparticle that resembled the six-pointed Star of David.

If you are black magician you would also say it was a hexagram and consider it rules the planets, but apparently the Israeli flag gets more press as it is better known.

It it is ironic that a Jewish symbol which appears on the flag of Israel has been discovered by researchers at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It is a bit like Vatican researchers finding one in the shape of a crucifix, or a TechEye hack finding one in the shape of a beer glass.

In the October issue of the journal Nature Materials, which we get for the spot the Schroedinger’s Cat competition, boffin Uri Banin said the star-shaped nanoparticles have a unique, cage-like structure. We guess this is to keep other particles out, or at least to force them to tunnel under it to get to work.

Apparently the boffins are thinking about how to use the hexagram structure for lots of new uses including glucose sensing, serving as photo-catalysts for turning solar energy into clean fuel.

The Hebrew University team has found nanoparticles in which one material encapsulates the other, resembling an egg and a yolk and another which looks a bit like the head of a match, but nothing religiously significant before.