Intel man thinks Humans to be out-evolved by an algorithm

Intel’s futurist Brian David Johnson thinks that humanity will be replaced by algorithms fairly soon.

Talking to San Francisco Weekly, Johnson said that pretty soon algorithms will talk to algorithms, machines will talk to machines, and humans won’t be involved.

He thinks that the data will take on a life of its own and the danger is that the machines could forget that their jobs are supposed to make lives better for humanity.

If technology does not make our lives better it is largely pointless. Indeed, it could mean that we are out of a job.

Algorithms are not the most touchy feely of things. If a computer decided that it is good idea for the US to send its robotic army to invade 36a Railway Cuttings, East Cheam, then it is difficult to convince the machine that it is being silly.

Johnson visits the Bay Area this week as part of the ongoing Future Fridays speaker series at Oakland’s Chabot Space & Science Center, a forum for technologists to let the rest of the world know where we might be headed.