Intel investigates Algae

Intel has decided that there is something useful in green slime.

While the green stuff has had a bit of a bad press and poor marketing, Intel seems to be convinced that the future is in slime. It is investigating.

Chipzilla’s campus in Ocotillo is growing algae using CO2 emissions which pour out of its fab, which can be used to make biodiesel.

Intel said it wants to displace its carbon emissions and also serve as an example to other corporations that produce shedloads of CO2. We thought displacing emissions was when you moved to another room to burp.

The fab gets the CO2 from its boiler stacks and channels the emissions up to the roof, where it feeds into tanks that grow algae.

An Intel spokesman said that the next big questions are whether they can grow enough algae and how much CO2 the green slime can capture.

This project is part of Intel’s Sustainability in Action program, through which employees can get cash for environmental projects.