Intel chips power Bloodhound rocket car

Intel supercomputers and Atom chips are under the bonnet of a rocket car trying to beat the world land speed record. 

Talking to TechEye at the TechnologyWorld forum yesterday, the Bloodhound Project team revealed Intel’s Atoms are vital to powering the vehicle and telling it  which part needs to operate, when. Its simulator runs with Intel powered supercomputers, too – until they got the supercomputers in, it was tough to know what was going to work, where and how well. The Bloodhound team is certainly thankful for Intel technology. It couldn’t have happened this quickly without it.

Here’s a picture of Business and Enterprise Minister Mark Prisk in the driving seat, as it were, of Intel – the only time that’s ever going to happen. 

He played about on the system for 10 minutes then ran off before we or anyone else got the chance to ask him any questions. Luckily for the photo op he performed rather well, with the team saying it was the best they’d seen all day. It’s no Gran Turismo to look at, but that’s not the bleeding point, ok?

The real car is humongous. Well, it’s not the real car – it’s a full scale replica and about as long as a bus. Looks like something from Fallout.

While the car was certainly one of the most aesthetically pleasing products on display at TechnologyWorld, we’re not entirely sure of the point. That’s why we’ll be getting back in touch with Bloodhound – to find out some more. Call us witless Neanderthals – please, do – but the only real world applications we can think of all exist in Mad Max. And that’s not the real world.

Still – it’d be a good one to show up for prom in.

And we guess Bill Gates could afford it if he wanted to. Imagine that – some sort of nuclear apocalypse and there’s Bill Gates, racing around the American wasteland in some kind of crazy rocket car.