India plans on building "fastest humanoid"

Bharat university, Chennai, India is planning to develop a humanoid robot that can talk, walk, and most importantly attend to chores –  we’re getting rid of our marigolds now.

The university is building the robot in response to the success some of its students had at a robotics competition. It’s partnering with Roboin, a robotics training institute, and plans to set up a futuristic lab at its campus in Selaiyur.

The humanoid will be 180cm tall, and is claimed by the university to be the fastest humanoid in the world. They will aim to complete the robot within two years. Roboin, which is already working on a project to develop a wheel-chair robot for disabled people, said the new robot will be able to gauge the brain waves of the person and carry out tasks a person thinks of doing.

“If the person wants to go to the toilet, the wheel-chair robot can read his thoughts by assessing the brain waves and lead the person to the toilet. Several such functions could be performed,” the researchers told the Times of India.

Two of the university’s involved students, Anirudh M Iyer and Baljeet Singh, have already built an underwater robot, which secured the bronze medal  at the international robotic competition, AUTCUP 2010, organised at AmirKabir University in Tehran.

Meanwhile this video of the Actroid-F makes us think we should leave well alone. We don’t want this Uncanny Valley coming round to empty the bins. Robots are impressive but, we’ll say it again, has no one seen Bladerunner? Harrison Ford’s a little over the hill to hunt replicants now.