IBM backs course in fortune-telling

Big Blue is behind a new course in fortune-telling at the Chicago-based DePaul University.

Of course it is not called fortune-telling, that would be far too medieval and we are assured that there will be no shuffling of tarot cards and cutting the deck into three with your left hand either.

According to IT World, the master’s degree in predictive analysis is being assisted by computer giant IBM which will provide resources for the programme.

Raffaella Settimi, an associate professor at DePaul’s College of Computing and Digital Media said that there was a need to create a program that prepared students in careers in data analytics and business intelligence.

“Many of the analysts out there have a variety of backgrounds, but there really isn’t a program dedicated to data analytics,” Settimi said.

The program teaches students the technical skills to do computer-based data mining, including advanced data analysis and the ability to handle large data sets.

Students will take marketing courses as well, which should help them better match their data analysis to the needs of users.

Settimi said that the course is not a theoretical statistics degree. It will focus on hands-on use of applications. You have to learn about Web analytics, Web data mining, Monte Carlo methods, image processing and database management.

So, it is not much use if you are interested in learning which ram has a healthy liver and if this will mean that Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 7 will outclass the iOS 4.

Students with undergraduate degrees in either computer science, information technology, mathematics or business, with wild eyes which seem to be focused on an ever increasingly uncertain future. would be best-suited for the programme, Settimi said. Bring your own potentially dead or alive cat.