Humans taste fat

The human tongue apparently can taste fat, according to  boffins at Deakin University .

Russell Keast said that it has been known for some time that the human tongue can detect sweet, salty, sour, bitter and something called umami which is a savoury, protein-rich taste contained in foods such as soy sauce and chicken stock.

However Keast’s study has proved that humans have a sixth taste sense for fat.

Researchers tested 30 people’s ability to taste a range of fatty acids in otherwise plain solutions and found that all were able to determine the taste.

The skill is better developed in some than others.   Apparently the more sensitive your sense for fat the thinner you tended to be.

The theory is that taste is the mechanism which tells you that you’ve had enough and stop.

Lardy people are often insensitive to it, you’re not getting the feedback that you should stop.