Humans have lived in India for 74,000 years

Archaeologists have found proof that humanity got out of Africa and moved to India a lot earlier than most people have thought.

Ancient stone tools have been found in Andhra Pradesh, suggesting arrival and survival of modern human beings in India as early as 74,000 years ago.

It is starting to look like modern human beings arrived in India much before genetics has believed it possible.

So far genetic analysis has worked out that humans only got to India between 50,000 and 60,000 years ago. However stone tools show that they were there 15,000 years earlier.

Michael Petraglia from Oxford University, principal investigator of the project, told the Deccan Herald that what is surprising is that the early Indians survived the colossal Toba volcanic super eruption which nearly destroyed humanity.

The eruption covered the area with ash and preserved the site. The archaeologists found the tools below and above the layers of ash which indicates that they survived it.

The digging sites are in Jwalapuram village and the Bilasurgam caves in Kurnool and Dhaba village in middle Son valley.

Currently the team is looking for fossils that confirms its dating however it is looking like Indian history is more than 75,000 years old which makes Europe’s 5,000 years look a bit like current events.

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