HTC wants to buy an operating system

Phone maker HTC wants to buy its own operating system, according to Chinese reports.

Cher Wang, who is the outfit’s chairwoman said the company is considering buying an operating system, but is in no rush.

Hacks have been asking her if HTC is interested in buying HPs WebOS which appears to be on the market. There is also Meego which Intel and Nokia have lost interest in.

HTC is currently having to pay a small fortune to Microsoft for its use of Android so it might be wanting to break out of that contract,

Wang said that she has certainly given the idea of buying an operating system some thought, but will not do it on impulse.

Chatting to the Economic Observer of China Wang said HTC’s advantages lie in its distinctiveness, which means it can make unique products on different operating systems.

She said it was possible to use any OS it wanted and HTC could still make things different from our rivals on the second or third layer of a platform.

So far that means that HTC has only had to understand an OS, but it does not mean that it had to produce one.

Wang added that she was not too concerned about Google’s purchace of Motorola Mobility because it would free up a few patents for the rest of Android users.