Holy flying eggs snapped in space

The Cassini probe, which is jolly near Saturn at the moment, has just snapped a picture what appears to be a flying fried egg.

The picture, which is supposed to be of the moon Prometheus, looks like something that should be served with HP sauce and a couple of rashers of bacon. It was released by Nasa this morning just in time for our fry up.

Prometheus is one of Saturn’s innermost moons. It orbits the gas-giant at a distance of 85,590 miles and 53 miles.

The egg-cellent view was taken at a distance of 23,000 miles as Cassini rocketed past. Given that it is very cold up there we would expect the yoke to be hard rather than soft.

It makes us wonder about the naming conventions for moons and planets. Prometheus was chained to a rock for the whole of eternity for bringing fire to humanity. At no point do fried eggs get a mention.