Gujarati man claims to have lived 70 years on no food or water

A Gujarati man who claims to have lived for 70 years with neither food nor water since World War II has finally finished his 15 day examination by doctors, with results continuing to baffle all involved.  

Prahlad Jani, an 82 year old yogi, claims to have survived on meditation alone after having been blessed by the Hindu goddess Amba as a child.  Not surprisingly his claims caused a strong division of opinion; some arguing that he truly is capable of super human feats of endurance, others that he is just a very skinny liar.   

In a bid to find out exactly what the truth is Indian doctors put Jani under round the clock surveillance for just over two weeks with a combination of CCTV camera footage and personal observation.   

Yet despite all knowledge of how the human body exists with reliance on regular intakes of both water and food, as well as the ability to urinate, octogenarian Jani showed no signs of physical deterioration.

“During the tests we found that in Prahalad Jani’s bladder, the amount of liquid fluctuates even when he does not pass urine. Mataji’s EEG is also normal and we are analysing data during meditation if there are any changes,” said Dr Sudhir Shah.

“We did blood tests for haematology, biochemistry, hormone profile and the reports were in the pre-determined safety range throughout the observation period as per the protocol.”

Furthermore, tests on Jani’s nervous system showed him to have a surprisingly normal nerve function for someone of his advanced age. “Mataji’s EEG is also normal and we are analysing data during meditation if there are any changes,” claimed Dr Shah.

Although doctors will continue to analyse the results to find out just what the hell is going on before giving conclusive evidence, the Indian military has already shown an interest in how the yogi’s method of survival in extreme circumstances may be able to assist the training of their soldiers.