Gold nanoparticles make the grade

The World Gold Council has published a research paper demonstrating that gold is a key element in nanotechnologies in different applications including health, technology and the environment.

Gold, said Trevor Keel, nanotechnology project manager at the WGC said gold nanoparticles are being used in the biomedical field in diagnostic tests for the early detection of prostate and other effects. Companies are developing tumour targeting technologies to deliver drugs directly into cancerous tumours.

In the field of the environment, gold based catalysts are being developed to presvent the release of toxic Mercury into the atmosphere, for water purification and for reducing chemicals from green feedstock.

In the technological realm, gold is being used for conductive nanoparticle inks for plastic electronics. Gold nanotech is also used in display technologies and advanced data storage tech including flash memory devices.

(Image of gold coin courtesy of WGC – page all about gold here)